Visual Inspection

There’s more than meets the eye to a Mold Busters visual inspection.

Mold, asbestos, and air quality problems are often invisible to the naked eye so Mold Busters employs special tools to help us seen the root of your problem.

When visiting your property in the Philippines, Mold Busters technicians have the following tools the moment they step in the door:

  • Moisture meters
  • Particle counter
  • Thermal camera
  • On-site mold test
    and eyes trained by Mold Busters for visual inspection

Mold Busters technicians are specially trained to quickly assess the risk you face on your property from mold and other substances that can ruin your health. The initial visual inspection conducted by our Mold Busters technician also acts as an opportunity to collect samples as needed for scientific testing at a respected independent laboratory in the Philippines.

7 Steps to Mold Busters Visual Inspection

Mold Busters visual inspections follow our trusted 7 step process. A Mold Busters technician can arrive at your property the day you call.

You can expect a warm, friendly technician who will help answer any questions you may have. Their visit will last from 20 minutes to an hour and they will do the following as soon as they arrive on-site:

  1. Asses for visible signs of mold, like discoloration or water damage
  2. Search for possible sources of moisture feeding the mold
  3. Identify the scale of the mold problem
  4. Measure humidity, temperature and other readings
  5. Take pictures
  6. Explain possible mold treatments based on your unique situation
  7. Offer an action-plan once all lab tests are complete, as well as a quote

Mold Busters offers you choices no other service provider can, and will help you gather the information you need to solve your unique mold problem in as little as a week. Schedule your Mold Busters visual inspection today so you can get rid of mold as soon as possible!

Why Do I need a Visual Inspection?

Mold Busters conducts visual inspections before any quote of before proposing any mold removal options because every situation is unique. With over 10 years experience in mold busting in North America, Singapore, and the Philippines, you can trust us to offer the services you need to permanently end your mold problems.

If Mold Busters technicians can identify that you only have surface-level mold, your mold problems can be resolved quickly and safely with a short follow-up visit.

But often mold problems run much deeper in the residential, commercial, and industrial properties we visit. Using specialized tools, Mold Busters tries to resolve the root of your mold issues and return your property to the state before the mold invasion.

We recommend all Filipinos conduct a visual inspection at least once a year, best right after the rainy season. As your mold issues become worse, they become harder and more expensive to solve. In addition, mold can begin to reduce your indoor air quality that can harm your quality of life and even your health.

Schedule your visual inspection in the Manila and Metro Manila area today!

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