Mold Inspection

Do you need a cure for any of the following symptoms?

  • difficulty breathing, like asthma
  • itching
  • swelling of eyes
  • coughing and wheezing

Our customers in the Philippines often communicate to us the symptoms they’re suffering while on their property. From a day in the office, to sleeping at night, mold can affect any part of your life. A simple mold inspection can give you the information you need for your safety and health.

You can often see mold as dark discolourations on your walls. Mold can be black, grey, green, and sometimes it’s invisible in the air around you. Often it can be located in hard to reach areas that are full of moisture. This includes bathrooms and kitchens, bedrooms, attics, crawlspaces, cold storage rooms, behind walls and under floors.

It’s important to have a certified mold inspector assess the space you suspect has been affected by mold with a visual inspection as promptly as possible. Mold can begin to affect your health in as little as two weeks, particularly in the presence of moisture. It’s important to have a mold inspection at the end of every rainy season to ensure your property is safe and healthy for children, parents, staff, and visitors.

Why Choose Mold Busters Mold Inspection

Our mold inspectors have tools to combat even the most difficult to find molds. The tools our inspectors use are the latest technologies and include:

  • Particle counters
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • On-site mold tests
  • moisture counters
  • professional experience so you get definitive results about the safety of your property

Most inspections last 15-45 minutes and we can get you official reports within a week.

Our most popular services in the Manila and Metro Manila area are the full inspections of the premises, with a visual inspection and a full diagnostic mold testing. The diagnostic inspections helps our technician understand the problem at a deeper level, more than what the eye can see. With a wealth of information offered by the mold inspection, you can make the best decision for your property about any possible mold removal.

Filipinos deserve a beautiful space to live in and mold can very quickly begin to endanger your health by invading the space you work and in which your family lives. For the sake of the children in your life it is worth applying some extra energy to make sure your home is safe, at least if you are determined to have a happy and healthy future. Within a week our mold technician can visit your property and have a plan-of-action ready for your consideration.

How Does Mold Start?

Any property in the Philippines can be attacked by mold. Basements, attics, behind walls, and under floors are all areas that mold likes to invade. In as little as a week after an incident where any water has pooled, mold can begin to grow. Any area where moisture pools is a lovely home for a colony of mold to grow and lay down roots. Mold inspection will help make sure that the most aggressive species of mold cannot take root in your home. Our mold technicians will come into your home and offer you a plan of action to clean up the mold in your home. Our services are quick and of the highest quality to ensure our customers get the services they want.

With specialized training in mold inspection, Mold Busters will help ensure that your property is not creating a risk for you, your family, your friends, your property, your neighbors, or the property of your neighbors. Any amount of time in a moldy space for people with mold allergies can affect their health. Mold can spread and you do not want to be held responsible for the spread of this dangerous organism.

How Do Mold Inspections Work?

Our mold inspectors are hospitable and offer an extensive number of services which you can enjoy. Once a mold inspection technician visits your property in Manila and the Metro Manila area, you can expect:

  • Visual inspection of the area of concern
  • Professional assessment of the property using diagnostic tools like thermal imaging cameras, particle counters, and on-site mold testing
  • Moisture readings of the suspected mold
  • Questions to the property owner about any water leaks or construction

Once an inspection is complete, Mold Busters can provide you a quote for any work that may be required from black mold removal, to mold remediation.

Our focus is on making sure you have the best understanding of your situation before we make any recommendations as to the work done on your property. So give Mold Busters a call and schedule an appointment today!

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