Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are a nightmare. Uncomfortable, itchy, red spots are bed bug bites. Mold Busters can help you fight these exhausting pests in the Manila and Metro Manila area.

Getting rid of bed bugs as soon as you see the first signs on your property is very important. Though their bites are not life-threatening, scratching bites can lead to to bacterial infection and hospitalization.

Mold Busters technicians are specially trained to permanently eliminate beg bugs from homes, apartments, condos, offices, hotels, hostels, and motels in the Philippines.

Once they establish a colony, they are very, very difficult to get rid of. If two of the tiny, brown parasites survive the initial cleaning they can return in just a few days in full strength or even worse than before.

Mold Busters wins by attacking bed bugs aggressively. With 10 years professional experience around the world, we use the latest technology and proven methods so we know how to get rid of bed bugs for good.

If you notice signs of bed bugs, call Mold Busters for professional help immediately. It is almost impossible to eliminate them yourself. Call today!

Symptoms of bed bugs

Bed bugs are dangerous pests. You cannot see them but at night, they feed off your blood while you sleep. Regular cleaning products will not kill them.

Bed bug symptoms can be a nightmare. Bites can initially feel like burns but will swell and become red and itchy with time. The bugs can live for up to 10 months, so there’s no hope the problem will resolve itself. You need to know how to kill bed bugs to get rid of them.

Mold Busters helps you eliminate bed bugs for good. If even two bugs survive, they can return over and over. With their long lifespan, that can mean years suffering at the hands of bed bugs.

The worst thing: You never know when they’ll come back. Mold Busters recommends a bed bug inspection if you see any of the following symptoms:

  • Bloody bites that resemble mosquito bites
  • Red spots
  • Burning
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling

Trust us that we have seen bed bugs in every part of the bedroom: From bed mattresses, to nightstands, headboards, and any corner in the room.

It’s important to address all these areas as well find where the bed bugs entered your property in the first place. Get professional help from Mold Busters. Schedule your bed bug inspection today!

How to find the source of bed bugs

Bed bugs invade your most private space: Your bed. However, once bed bugs enter, they begin to occupy every corner of your home, apartment, condo, hotel, or hostel.

Mold Busters tries to address the root or source of the issue. It’s important to test all parts of your property to analyze how far bed bugs have spread in your property.

Mold Busters has specialized tests for finding bed bugs, but here are some common signs that your room has been invaded by bed bugs:

  • Small blood stains on bed sheets, pillow cases
  • Bug feces the colour of rust on sheets & walls
  • Red bites on you, your family, or your customers
  • Musty smells
  • Bed bug shells beneath your mattress

Bed bugs make themselves at home anywhere they go. They can be brought on in luggage or on fabric, and they will spread no matter how clean your property may be. Bed bugs are the same problem in the dirtiest home and the most luxurious hotel.

Once Mold Busters has eliminated the bed bugs, it’s important to keep vigilant. They can return, or they may be entering your property on people, pets, or things. To deal with this, on bed bug removal Mold Busters will help you create an action-plan to help defend against their return to prevent any future outbreaks.

If you suspect you have bed bugs you need to act fast. The faster you act, the faster Mold Busters can help you control your bed bug problem. Let Mold Busters give you back piece-of-mind and comfort in your home. Book an appointment today.

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