Infrared Inspection

If you want to understand mold growth, moisture, and water damage in your home you best tool is an infrared camera.

Mold Busters technicians in the Philippines are certified in handling and interpreting infrared data for planning mold remediation, water damage removal, and flood restoration.

These cameras can instantly give our technicians a vibrant view inside your walls, floors, and ceilings. Basically, an infrared camera can help find the source of your mold or moisture issue.

For Mold Busters, the luxury of infrared cameras is that they are non-contact and non-destructive, meaning there is zero risk to the value of your property. We do not need to destroy anything to reach hard-to-reach places with our infrared camera.

You can learn a lot more about your property this way. Book an infrared camera inspection today!

Infrared inspection services

Mold Busters can use infrared cameras to quickly complete the following inspection services in the Manila and Metro Manila area:

  • Building envelope surveys
  • Infrared electrical inspections
  • Infrared mechanical inspections
  • Predictive inspections

Each of these services help you understand the health of your residential, commercial, or industrial property in real-time. It’s like a check-up at the doctor’s for your home.

Building envelope surveys for example look at the exterior of your property and look for places where moisture is leaking inside because that could be a site of prolonged water damage.

Infrared camera inspections are also useful for quickly assessing the risk of electrical wiring or machines, by measuring the temperature. In a sense they allow you to predict if your electrical wiring or machinery will become a problem in the near future.

Mold Busters helps you find the problem with infrared inspections, so you can fix it as soon as possible.

What can Infrared Cameras Inspect?

Mold Busters offers infrared inspections because it is a flexible tool that we can quickly deploy in many different settings. It allows us to focus on all the important parts of your property in detail.

For us, it is always a pleasure to find a leak or moisture build-up that would otherwise require taking down walls just to check for a mold or water damage issue.

Infrared inspections are particularly good at finding the following problems:

  • Leaky roofs
  • Missing insulation
  • Heat loss
  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Overheating of appliances and electronics
  • Faulty wiring behind walls
  • Broken mechanical equipment

Mold Busters has over 10 years experience collecting infrared camera data and interpreting it professionally to help resolve your unique situation. Call today!

Advantages of infrared surveys

Infrared surveys help you see problems during inspections that are invisible to the naked eye. Not only that, but they help reduce cost of inspections because they are non-destructive, meaning no holes, cuts, demolition in your property.

By being able to see behind walls, floors, ceilings and other hard to reach spaces Mold Busters help you address health and safety concerns in your property like:

  • Mold and black mold
  • Cracks in the building’s foundation
  • Dangerous electrical work
  • Roofs that leak
  • Moisture intrusion
  • Loss of efficiency in air conditioning systems
  • Poor insulation

The images created by an infrared camera are known as thermograms. Get a thermogram done today on your property to prevent damage to your property tomorrow. Call now!

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