Energy Audit

You love to save money. A Mold Busters energy audit will help you reduce your energy costs by identifying where your property is losing energy.

Many points on your property are liabilities. You can trust Mold Busters to find where you’re losing energy and money on any property, including homes, apartments, condos, shop or office is wasting energy.

In as little as a day, you could have an energy audit complete and be fixing your property. Using the latest technological analysis we can quickly identify liabilities than you cannot see with the naked eye.

The problems a Mold Busters energy audit can identify include:

  • air leakage
  • cracks in walls
  • damaged roofs
  • missing insulation
  • poor ventilation
  • broken air conditioning or heat loss
  • damaged walls, ceilings, and floors
  • badly sealed windows

Mold Busters can identify dozens of points on your property where you can easily save money.

If you are beginning to suspect something is wrong on your property because your energy bills have spiked, it’s time to call Mold Busters.

Why energy audit?

Energy audits are important parts of government property standards, energy-efficiency certifications, and good property management. Large buildings in particular can save a lot of money every month by conducting an energy audit.

With over 10 years experience, we can help you answer any questions you may have and we have the tools available that you need to fix your inefficiency problems.

In addition, energy audit can be a tool to permanently make your space more comfortable.

One of the biggest ways your property can improve is air conditioning. An energy audit will primarily help you find leaks which can cause you to lose cold air and make your air conditioning work overtime.

A Mold Busters energy audit helps you pinpoint your problem areas so you can fix them. Call Mold Busters today!

What can be energy audited by Mold Busters?

Mold Busters looks at various aspects of your property to improve your energy-efficiency. Working from the outside in, we have the right tools to help you get the job done right.

Using infrared cameras, HVAC sensors, and other tools of the trade Mold Busters can identify problems in the following area of your property in the Philippines:

  • Attic & roof
  • Insulation in walls
  • Basement
  • Windows & doors
  • Foundation
  • Ducts & pipes
  • Fireplaces and chimneys
  • Vapour barriers

Mold Busters has identified these areas as areas worth energy auditing in the Manila and Metro Manila area. These services are applicable to any residential, commercial, or industrial property in the Philippines.

Call Mold Busters today to save money on your next energy bill!

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