Green business in the Philippines

Green Philippines 2016 Manila Mold Busters and Air & Odor Management recognize that eco-conscience has become an increasingly important topic in the Philippines which is why we have the opportunity to showcase on Green Philippines Exhibit 2016 (September 22-24) in SMX Convention Center MOA.  The earth is simply not sustainable, so we thought it was necessary to find the way for the best quality of our services that will save the environment.

“When we talk about green, we are talking about improving the quality of life, about the future development, ourselves and our children and about well-being, which can finally meet without colliding with the opportunities for business and growth of our companies” – said Michael Golubev, Co-founder and Board Member at Mold Busters.

For 10 years, our team has been testing and removing mold, and other air pollutants from the indoor living environment, ensuring a healthy and safe place to spend time in. Our mold inspectors have the utmost expertise, holding the world’s top mold removal certifications and training.

We are constantly analyzing the latest mold removal and mold remediation news to keep up-to-date with changes in the industry so we are proud to gather with other business that are useful, ethical and positive also for the community, and large group of leading companies, institutions and visionary leaders, who have also recognized the need to be suggestive and proactive on the market.

To learn more about us and our environmental services, visit us on Green Philippines Exhibit 2016 where you can consult with one of our mold experts.


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